Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2012 - THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN, or Spiderman redux

Emma Stone is Gwen Stacey and she's as cute as a kitten. That's about it for this redo of Spiderman. Sam Raimi the original director of the first three films walked away from the franchise, Sony pictures turned around hired the inexperienced Marc Webb to direct the film. 

The decision to reboot this series is about as cynical as you can get.  This is a watchable film but nothing special and it's all by the books.  What this film is about is a studio unable to walk away from a money making series.

Marc Webb may have been the director but the studio is calling the shots.  All the fights are computer  generated action images, the editing is frantic and all over the place and the plot is "been there done that."  This isn't an awful film just an unnecessary one.

Doesn't anyone who watches these superhero films find it a little odd that once one of these super hero guys shows up with their special powers a super villain just happens to pop up at the same time.

 Just didn't care about this one.

136 minutes

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