Saturday, June 1, 2013

1995 - BEFORE SUNRISE, you will need to wake up from your movie nap before sunrise.

Out came the reviews, there is another one of these "Before" movies being released.   The latest in the series Before MidnightBefore Midnight is getting good reviews, particularly by romantic liberal critics looking for a literate, smart love story about two sophisticated people. 

I headed to my collection and dusted off my old DVD's of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, eager to see the first two films before I headed out to the theater to see what everyone was raving about. 
"Gee I wonder why I never got around to watching these films before" I thought.  Over 90 minutes later I knew.  Before Sunrise is really boring. 

The meandering talk of the two leads Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy is not in the least bit interesting.  It reminds me of the old definition of writing a lazy love story, get two people together and have them say dumb things to each other for a couple of hours. 

After forcing myself to finish this turkey I now realize that I am not giving Woody Allen enough credit for doing this kind of picture even is his stuff isn't always up to par.  The one positive of this film,  Julie Delpy speaks very good English.

101 minutes

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