Saturday, June 29, 2013

2012 - JACK REACHER, a decent crime thriller

A shot at reviving the movie crime thriller.  Tom Cruise is some sort of mysterious former army super cop investigator.  He's been called in to investigate a supposedly random mass shooting incident. 

In films like this the trick is in the storytelling and the director/writer Christopher McQuarrie does a decent job of keeping the plot straight and the action moving along so it all doesn't seem to improbable.

The acting is low key, even the female lead Rosamund Pike plays it cool.  Almost like she is in an episode of Dragnet.  Cruise is Cruise so if you like Tom Cruise playing a super cool tough guy you will like this film.  A very odd piece of casting is German director Werner Herzog as some sort of Russian bad guy behind the plot.

If you enjoy a decent old style car chase and lots of people getting their heads banged together you will probably greatly enjoy this throw back to and old style glossy crime thriller.

130 minutes.

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