Saturday, March 30, 2013

2012 - THE HUNGER GAMES, long very long very very long

Current movie star flavor of the month Jennifer Lawrence is involved in a contest set in the future which as every other critic or nerd blogger has pointed out is essentially the same contest as the one in the Japanese film Battle Royale.  It seems for entertainment value a group of teenagers are given weapons and told to kill each other for the enjoyment of the futuristic television audience.

The humorless and sullen Jennifer Lawrence plays the extremely unlikeable main character Kittycat Evergreen or something.  She is surrounded by a bunch of character actors like Woody Harrelson, Donald Sutherland and Toby Jones.  They all represent the corrupt and corpulent elite class that rules the nation of Panem.  But Jennifer Lawerence is going to show them what a spunky young adult woman pretending to be a teenager can do to their corrupt civilization.

I have no idea why this film was so successful but I will take a guess.  Since most of the teenage contestants of The Hunger Games are really mean, nice but moody Jennifer Lawrence can kill them with her trusty bow and arrow.  This fulfills a fantasy of every teenager who was ever picked on or snubbed in school, or maybe not.

This film was aimed at the teenager girl crowd, the violence is all very PG-13.  The Hunger Games also runs over 2 fricking hours for a story that could have been knocked out in about 90 minutes.

142 minutes.

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