Sunday, March 24, 2013

1951 - THE MAN FROM PLANET X, decent low budget science fiction

For a film knocked out in 5 days, The Man from Planet X looks and plays pretty good.  Probably making the most of what he had the director Edgar G. Ulmer managed to create an eerie atmosphere and get some decent performances out of the cast.

Ulmer had a long career making something out of next to nothing when it came to shooting film.  If the space man from Planet X looks phoney at least he's lighted cleverly.  The script isn't exactly Hamlet, but it is interesting.  The photography is by John Russell who shot Psycho for Hitchcock.

The Man from Planet X is also nice and short coming in at just over an hour.  Watching these kinds of films is almost a picnic at that length.

70 minutes.

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