Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1932 - WHITE ZOMBIE, the possible first full length zombie film?

A Haitian planter falls in love with a woman about to marry another man.  The planter hires voodoo master Bela Lugosi to turn her into a zombie so he control her and that's about it for the plot of this film.

Poor acting, poor dialog, an overall sense of a cheap production.  Lugosi had a screen presence in film but was never much of an  actor.  Even with this eye rolling performance he has trouble staying focused since all he has to do is stare at zombies for most of the film.

On the positive side, there is an attempt to create a spooky atmosphere and the director Victor Haperin does try for some interesting photographic effects.

This film is frequently cited as one of the first full length zombie films and is apparently out in a new release that cleans up the picture quality about as well as possible.  Still, probably not worth actually purchasing.  However nice and short.

67 minutes

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