Monday, March 11, 2013

1963 - THE TERROR, Roger Corman's legendary horror flick

Roger Corman's film was shot on leftover sets from The Raven as they were being torn down.  Corman had Boris Karloff signed for three days of work and shot all of his scenes first.  This film seems more like a challenge for Corman to see what he could get away with than an actual horror movie.

The Terror is loaded with lots of stock footage from other AIP films and many of the shots are just the actors walking across sets in wide angle.

The behind the scenes antics are probably more interesting than the actual film.  Corman shot for a few days, Francis Ford Coppola filmed the on location beach scenes at the Big Sur, Jack Nicholson directed, Monty Hellman directed and possibly the writers Leo Gordon and Jack Hill might have filmed some scenes.

 The film is a mess but short.

81 minutes

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