Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2006 - THE SINKING OF JAPAN or Japan Sinks or Nihon Chinbotus or Doomsday: The Sinking of Japan

Toho Studios produced this science fiction epic about what else the sinking of Japan.  It's almost like they decided to make one of their kaiju films and got rid of all the monsters.

This is an extremely serious film.  How do you evacuate an entire nation?  Where do you put them?  What about your culture?  There are meetings with high level politicians, scientists and disaster relief workers.  It's all treated very solemnly.  But it's also time for a lot of special effects, cities get pulverised, earthquakes shake things up and all with out the assistance of Godzilla this time.

Films like this are unsurprisingly lacking in characterization and The Sinking of Japan is no exception however no other studio can destroy the world like the pros at Toho.

135 minutes.

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