Saturday, December 8, 2012

1971 - THE FRENCH CONNECTION, classic cop thriller still holds up.

I didn't particularly care for The French Connection when it came out in 1971.  But  I will have to admit watching this film on Blu-Ray impressed my quite a bit.

The documentary like photography of early 1970's New York and the standout performance of Gene Hackman are probably the best things in the film.

The French Connection was the breakout film that William Friedkin had been looking for.  His decision to shoot it like a documentary really paid off.  The other important decision in the film was the insistence of the producer Philp D'Antoni that Friedkin add a car chase to the film.

 Friedkin has always had the reputation of a "bad boy" film director.  Apparently Hackman had more then a few run in's with the director.  The antagonism between Hackman and Friedkin probably helped Hackman stay in character, as asshole detective "Popeye" Doyle.

104 minutes.

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