Sunday, December 16, 2012

1960 - LAST WOMAN ON EARTH, Corman science fiction cheapness

Roger Corman's end of the world science fiction epic is an early Corman film all the way.  In essence, the cast has 3 people in it.

Shot on location in Puerto Rico along with 2 other films back to back and apparently in about 3 days this film looks pretty cheap.  However it is shot almost entirely on location and you have to give Corman his due not a lot of directors could film this fast and have a fairly decent end product.

Corman's film also wants to tantalize the viewer from the opening credits with the slow pan of a nude female to the promise of some type of menage a trois developing between the woman and the 2 men.  Unfortunately this is the early 1960's and even for a cheap exploitation film it's more tease than action.

The film is very short it doesn't require a lot of investment in your time or emotional energy.

71 minutes.

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