Friday, December 28, 2012

1960 - JIGOKU or The Sinners From Hell

Absurd melodramatics and ridiculous plotting finally lead up to the big part of Jigoku that the viewer has been waiting for the literal descent into hell. 

The so called hero, ShirĊ Shimizu has so messed up his life to the extent of being involved in the deaths of at least 3 or 4 people.  His family isn't much better.  Dad is cheating on Shimizu's dying mother, dad's mistress is hitting on Shimizu, the girl next door has an uncanny resemblance to Shimizu's dead girlfriend who was pregnant with his child.  Well you get the picture about the outrageous plotting.

It all ends up at a party where everyone is poisoning or committing suicide or shooting someone else and then the fun starts everyone goes to Hell.

From here we have bizarre graphic depictions of suffering in Hell with rivers of feces, people being flayed alive, or walking through a room of needles you have to see it all to believe it.

An amazing over the top film.

100 minutes

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