Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Such utter garbage.  The first Charlie's Angels film made a lot of money the sequel was inevitable.  Following the strict rules of Hollywood sequels, this film is essentially the first film except it's ramped up with more computer effects, the girls dancing in more dance sequences and the action sequences even more over the top and incoherent than the first film. 

It's clear that Bill Murray was the major reason the first film was successful.  Murray hated being involved involved in Charlie's Angels and declined to get mixed up with the sequel.  His presence is sorely missed.  Murray was clearly the glue that kept that film from falling completely apart.

The attempt to portray the "Angels" as sleazy and innocent at the same time completely fails.  Viewing this film has the effect of making the viewer feel like a dirty old man cruising Internet web sites to find dirty pictures of Hollywood starlets.

Charlie's Angels:  Full Throttle wants to be like a Quentin Tarantino film.  It's loaded with pop references from musicals, TV shows, Scorsese films and pop music.  Unlike Tarantino this film can't take all of those references and reinvent them into something original and entertaining.

Another forgotten sequel to a film based on a television show that was pretty crappy when it was on TV in it's original version .

106 minutes

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