Sunday, September 23, 2012

1984 - SCREAM FOR HELP, sleaze from Michael Winner

You would expect that sleaze ball director Michael Winner would be involved with something like this.  If you look further at the credits you will also see the writer Tom Holland responsible for such classics as Psycho II, Fright Night and Child's Play, you get the picture.

Anyway this film as been described as a dirty version of a Nancy Drew mystery.  Although Nancy Drew seemed more concerned about solving mysteries than when and how she should lose her virginity.

Where is the  star of this film Rachel Kelly these days?  Apparently she has pretty much dropped off of the IMDB acting planet since 2003.  The rest of the cast is equally unmemorable.  But considering the material you weren't going to attract A list acting talent.

The director Michael Winner made a lot of films which were almost over the top exploitation films.  Apparently he was attracted to this stuff because the list is almost endless.  One thing you can say about Winner was that he always shot on location, no sets in his films cinema verite at it's finest.  This gave them an authenticity but they also had some what of a hollow sound to them probably due to the difficulties of recording dialog on location.

89 minutes.

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