Friday, September 14, 2012

1961 - BACHELOR IN PARADISE, Bob Hope comedy is distrurbing view of American life.

Bob's a writer of racy books about the love lives of people in various countries.  He's moved to early 1960's suburbia to write a book on the sex lives of women in the burb's in this ethological study disguised as a typical Bob Hope comedy.

There is something deeply disturbing about watching this film's portrayal of suburban life.  The housewives are glorified slaves, the husbands are essentially sexist pigs.  The housing development is ruled by women during the day and men at night.  Hope tries to shake things up and gets a lot of blow back.

Hope is as smooth as ever delivering one liners that are a little below par, but he manages to put them over.  Lana Turner is Hope's love interest.  Turner was one of MGM's big stars and she's kind of at the tail end of her career.  Turner was actually a better actress than she was given credit for and she's closer in age to Hope who is playing sort of an over the hill playboy.

An interesting comedy about conformity, loss of identity and the role of women in early 60's  society.

109 minutes

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