Sunday, September 23, 2012

1925 - THE FRESHMAN, Harold Lloyd's classic comedy

Finally got around to watching this Harold Lloyd film which is considered one of his greatest and certainly most famous films.  The film is pretty  good it not hilarously funny.  Lloyd is on his way to college but seems more concerned about being accepted socially than getting an education.

As with just about every Harold Lloyd production this is an extremely well made film, with the comic situations integrated very carefully into the story.  Along with being the star Lloyd was also  the producer and he seemed to be able to get the best out of everyone he worked with. 

The Freshman is funny but it also strikes a real nerve with the desire to be one of the "cool people" particularly in school.  Lloyd and his team seemed to understand this, the humiliation and clueless nature of his character is painful to watch.  The importance of being part of a group is still very relevant in our culture today.

A couple of other points to mention, the crowd scenes at the football game climax were filmed at the 1925 Rose Bowl during half time.  The film is also very well cast with Jobyna Ralston playing Lloyd's girlfriend, she's a real charmer.

76 minutes

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