Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010 - MONSTERS, low budget, low key science fiction love story

This is in the genre called "the road movie,"  2 people, frequently male and female are brought together by some contrived script situation and begin a trip to some destination.  At first they don't really know each other but slowly they start to fall in love.  Monsters is It Happened One  Night set in a science fiction setting of the southwestern United States and Mexico with the man and woman getting to know each other while big monsters lurk around in the background.

The film was made for under one million dollars with a crew of about seven people, the actors mostly improvised their dialog and probably some of the story situations as well.  The filmmakers very cleverly shot in locations that had been hit by hurricanes which made it look like the place had been devastated by monsters.

The monster effects were assembled from off the shelf computer software.  The film looks pretty good for under a million dollars.  Maybe this  is the future of film, digital technology giving a professional look on a small budget. 

How is Monsters as a film?  It's OK nothing special.  The fact that this review is a rehash of how they made the film is never a good sign.  Monsters can be purchased at the I Tunes store.

93 minutes.

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