Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1933 - THE KENNEL MURDER CASE, complex, clever film mystery

A good adaptation of a murder mystery from the 1930's in all its 30's glory. 

The Kennel Murder Case, is a clever murder mystery directed at full speed by Michael Curtiz using just about every camera angle and visual trick he could muster to keep what is basically a drawing room mystery interesting to an audience. 

What the film also has going for it is one of Hollywood's smoothest actors William Powell,  playing the detective Philo Vance.  Most everyone remembers Cary Grant as the epitome of grace and elegance in classic Hollywood films but Powell is certainly right up there with Grant possessing an elegance that has vanished in mainstream entertainment.

An excellent example of a 1930's approach to a murder mystery, an interesting plot, memorable characters and good direction, all mixed together. 

73 minutes.

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