Monday, January 10, 2011

1968 - KILL THEM ALL AND COME BACK ALONE, title explains it all

Good old Chuck Connors is a Confederate secret agent during the Civil War assigned to steal gold from the Union.  Chuck puts together a team of outlaws and desperadoes to get the job done.  That's all.

Non stop action spaghetti western with pauses to at least change the film in the camera.  The director Enzo G. Castellari should probably have opened an action movie film school to teach young directors how to stage and film fight scenes without any juiced up computer effects. 

With the exception of good old Chuck Connors the rest of the cast appears to be made up of stunt men since Connors is about the only one who has any dialog in the film.  It's fun to see character actor Chuck Connors in a film like this since he really seems to be enjoying himself.

As with all of these Italian westerns Kill Them All And Come Back Alone, looks like it was filmed in Spain on about two locations. 

100 minutes.

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