Sunday, January 2, 2011

1962 - THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, beware the walking man eating plants

During a spectacular meteor shower most of the people of Earth are blinded, this allows a bunch of walking man eating plants called Triffids to gobble them up. 

Sea Captain Howard Keel who doesn't sing one bit, has to save himself and a cute little girl from these monster plants while watching civilized man descend into chaos.  This isn't a half bad idea for a story.  However the film runs into problems because execution isn't really up to the ideas of the screenplay.  Finding a way to create decent special effects for the Triffids appears to be a little too much for the production crew.  The Triffid plants look pretty goofy walking and fortunately the audience is spared any special effects of the plants eating people. 

Day of the Triffids is the legendary film whose script was so short that when filming was completed it ran barely an hour.  The filmmakers had to tag on another story about a scientist and his wife looking for a way to destroy the plants just to extend the running time.  In the film you can see where they cut back and forth between the two stories.  They aren't interconnected in anyway except for the Triffid plants. 

In spite of the low budget, patchwork nature of the story and the fakey walking plants, this is still a very enjoyable and fast paced science fiction film.  The intriguing ideas in the film are very interesting.

93 minutes.

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