Monday, December 27, 2010

1977 - THE SERPENT'S EGG. grim, grim, grim, grim, grim

"Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here"

Close to the bottom of the barrel for the pessimistic films of Ingmar Bergman.  The Serpent's Egg is one of the few films where Bergman attempted to film in English.  He hired David Carradine to play an American trapeze artist stuck in pre Nazi Germany along with Liv Ullmann.  The film is almost two hours of unrelenting doom and gloom from the dour Bergman.

On the positive side, if there is a positive side, the production looks good, the photography by Sven Nykvist is excellent.  But people shouldn't have to watch films just to look at the sets and pretty pictures.  This film is for Ingmar Bergman completists only and then I wouldn't even recommend it to them.

Towards the end of the film the actor Glynn Turman shows up as a jive spouting black guy in a "what the hell is he doing here" moment.  This is about the only funny thing in the film since his character is completely out of place in the film.

There is a mention of an "Inspector Lohmann" who is searching for a serial killer in Berlin, in what is a reference to Fritz Lang's M, a film that is a whole lot better than The Serpent's Egg.

However sitting through this film just to see these two pieces of interest is not worth anyone's time. 

120 this went into the garbage minutes.

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