Sunday, December 26, 2010

1948 - THREE GODFATHERS, John Ford's Chrismas allegory is mighty sentimental

When John Ford mixes a lot of his patented sentimentality with a Christmas allegory story, watch out.

Three Godfathers is about three outlaws who find a baby in the desert and their efforts to save it.  Ford's favorite actor John Wayne is the leader of the outlaws and as usual John Ford has loaded up the rest of the cast with his favorites. the famous Ford stock company.

If this type of film isn't your cup of tea, (and believe me it has taken me three viewings to finally appreciate it), watch out.  However the film is very well directed and quite beautiful to look at.  Three Godfathers was filmed on location in Death Valley, California and was Ford's first film in color.  John Ford was always the master of the long shot and placing actors in them so the film is a pleasure to watch.

This is in many ways a "typical" John Ford film, it has John Wayne, beautiful visual compositions, a very sentimental story and lots of corny comedy and drama.  An impressive film.

106 minutes.

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