Wednesday, December 29, 2010

1957 - NOT OF THIS EARTH, Roger Corman, science fiction, cheap production = entertaining

Paul Birch is an alien from another planet here to see if he can enslave the human race and drain them of their blood for his alien race.  Birch has weird eyes that can zap people dead or hypnotize them into submission. 

The always smiling in interviews, Roger Corman, blasted this one out probably fairly quickly shooting with no budget and on location.  As with a lot of Corman cheapies, Not Of This Earth isn't half bad.

The film also stars Beverly Garland, who shows up in a lot of these early Corman films, and must have been his girlfriend or something at the time.  Corman also has bits for Dick Miller and Jonathan Haze, who I guess are supposed to be the comedy relief in the film. However the real comedy relief is a goofy monster/mosquito that Birch unleashes towards the end of the film. 

What this film has going for it is Paul Birch, the guy looks a little short in stature, but he definitely has that "Man in Black" look down and he's certainly a lot more interesting than a lot of this film.

67 minutes.

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