Thursday, September 23, 2010

2010 - MACHETE, B movie wanna be

Straddling the line between garbage, nauseating violence, female exploitation and social satire, it pains me to admit I enjoyed this junk.  Loaded with enough inside movie jokes,  its clear this isn't to be taken seriously.

What bothers me is that this film will probably be about the only movie that comes out that actually takes on the problem of illegal immigration in the United States.

When this film started and as I watched all the impaling and beheading of many of the actors,  I wondered  if I had thrown away my matinee money for some utter garbage.  But, I started to enjoy it. 

Wow what a cast.  Lindsey Lohan plays a variation on herself, a tramp.  Cheech Martin a priest with a church that's more like an armory.  Jeff Fahey  good as a businessman exploiting the illegal immigration problem. Tom Savini, the famous makeup artist responsible for Romero's zombies shows up as a hit man. And surprising even me,  Jessica Alba and Steven Segal in probably the two better performances in the film, and I hope I never write that in a review again.

Robert DeNiro plays a Texas state senator trying to exploit the immigrant issue for political gains,  DeNiro at times drops his accent Texas twang and reverts back to his New York dialect at times, he appears to be amused with himself in this film.   In one of the film's sickest jokes, he's shot by washed up actress Lohan. 

The film's biggest weakness in Machete,  Danny Trejo as Machete.  I don't object to the fact that this 60 year old plus character actor playing an action hero and gets all the hot young babes, that's actually kind of funny.  But Trejo himself just doesn't seem like an interesting actor.  He also moves like he's 66 years old which they cover up with a lot of frenzied editing.

The director Robert Rodriguez, is his usual one man band film making machine.  He writes, directs and shoots in Texas to keep his budgets low.  The guy seems to have some talent, but he still hasn't figured out that maybe all this excess violence might be a bit of a turn off for a general audience.  Apparently he doesn't appear to care. 

Loved the guy in the El Santo mask.

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