Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1973 - THE CAT CREATURE, trying to recreate a 1940's B movie horror film in the 1970's made for TV B movie environment

The director Curtis Harrington and the writer Robert Bloch, pay homage to films like The Cat People and The Leopard Man.  The film has a great cast of has been actors even for 1973.  People like David Hedison, Stuart Whitman, and Meredith Baxter an actor whose career never went much past working on TV shows and made for TV films.  Baxter was Hollywood's idea of the kind of actors people wanted to see on TV, blond, sort of pretty and completely uninteresting, but she probably was good about showing up to the set on time.

Harrington cast a lot of old Hollywood actors in bit parts and supporting roles, Keye Luke, Gale Sondergaard, John Carradine and Kent Smith star of The Cat People.  Then there are also some real oddball performers in here like Milton Parsons and John Abbott, go ahead and look them up on IMDB.  All these actors are really part of the fun of this film. 

A short inconsequential film about Egyptian vampire mummies, killer kitty cats, and magic amulets.  The film also does an OK job at capturing the 1970's Los Angeles atmosphere in all it's cruddy glory.

72 minutes.

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