Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1958 - THE BLOB, so called teenagers vs. space alien parasite

Criterion's tribute to silly 1950's science fiction/horror films.  A very classy release with 2 audio commentaries and some special features.  A good looking disc, the film had an excellent transfer.  The Blob the DVD looks really good.  The Blob the film only so so.

The director Irwin S Yeaworth stages scenes either incompetently or almost proficiently.  His work with the actors shows a lack of understanding on how to judge or even capture  good performances from his cast.

According to the audio commentaries, Steve McQueen at the start of his career was already a big pain in the ass to deal with.  McQueen a Prima Donna during filming was something that continued throughout his career.  DVD audio commentaries on his films are loaded with comments from his coworkers about his unprofessional behavior on set.

Revolutionary War historians take note, The Blob shot on location at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania making it an important part of our national heritage

The grain of an amusing idea floats around in this film.  Having teenagers take on a parasitic space alien pile of goo that absorbs people is at least original and the mechanical special effects are  pretty well done for such a cheap ass film.  Still, the so called actings mighty stiff and the actors playing the teenagers look to be in their mid to upper twenties McQueen looked a little long in the tooth.   No one expects Noel Coward quality dialog but the stuff coming out of their mouths, pretty lame.

Probably not a film really worth any one's time especially the time the Criterion's technicians put in on restoring it. The Blob comes in under 90 minutes for what it's worth.

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