Thursday, September 2, 2010

1968 - THE SECRET CINEMA, stop me if you've heard this plot before

A woman is having her life secretly filmed and shown to the public.  At first unaware of what is going on she slowly begins to uncovers the truth.

Yup it's The Truman Show 30 years earlier and thankfully only 30 minutes long.  Nobody much remembers the director Paul Bartel anymore.  He mostly worked on low budget films and was kind of a mild satirist of American culture and society.  Bartel is probably best known for Death Race 2000 and Eating Raoul a couple of OK films. 

The Secret Cinema is Bartel's little shot at the film world.  30 years ago when this came out it would have been considered almost science fiction.  Today not so much.  This film's message seems to be, we are all a compulsive bunch of snoops feeding on other people's lives for our entertainment but oh well. 

Weird, funny, probably a little stupid, if anyone connected with The Truman Show can say with a straight face that they never saw this film or were not influenced by it....

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