Thursday, July 22, 2010

2010 - ROBIN HOOD, next time keep it simple stupid

The very complicated story for Robin Hood  brings the film to a complete halt for what almost seems like half of the film.  Apparently the director Ridley Scott and his writer Brian Helgeland didn't get the message that with Robin Hood films, keep the story simple and the action constant and throw in some occasional humor.

Other problems with this slow moving film is the constant cribbing or is it stealing from other films?
After sitting through lots and lots of exposition, things finally start to pick up towards the end with a battle scene that is way to reminiscent of The Longest Day or the Saving Private Ryan D-Day invasion. Throw in some Lord of the Rings girl dressed up as a knight stuff  and this further shows a large degree of desperation in the lack of originality. 

I can understand the desire for Russell Crowe to have an actress playing his love interest who is closer to his age.  However the very skinny and unhealthy looking Cate Blanchett seems like an odd match for him.  Her tough on the outside sensitive on the inside act has been a movie character cliche for some time. What Blanchett really needs besides a real man is some food.  Its kind of gross watching this ishy thin woman as the object of lust for several of the cast.

Max Von Sydow also shows up in this film playing an old knight which makes a further joke of the whole film. Von Sydow played a knight for Ingmar Bergman in The Seventh Seal when he was in his 20's and certainly with a lot more authority than most of this cast.

Robin Hood is well photographed and edited, it has the luxury of a big budget so each individual scene looks good.  But that's the least I would expect in a film that cost a 100 million or zillion dollars.

Unfortunately no one had the guts to step back and ask the question at script stage.  Does this film do what it's supposed to do, entertain the audience for a couple of hours?

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