Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1972 - LIZA WITH A Z the classic Bob Fosse, Liza Minnelli concert special is mercifully short

Apparently conceived, rehearsed and shot on 16 mm film in about 8 weeks, this  legendary TV special looked pretty lonely sitting by itself on the DVD shelves at the public library.

This special came out the same year Bob Fosse won an Emmy, a Tony and an Academy award, it features Liza Minnelli at her peak as a 70's camp icon.

It's a TV special about Liza so it's all Liza all the time.  She doesn't sing every song she "kills" them as  performers say.  The special also features a lot of the Bob Fosse shake and grind style dance stuff which he picked up performing in strip clubs around Chicago as a teenager.

The film ends with a 10 minute medley of Liza performing selections from Cabaret which goes down a lot easier  then the 2 hours of Liza Minnelli in the film version of Cabaret.

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