Thursday, July 29, 2010

2008 - SON OF RAMBOW, nice kid film misses the mark

The Son of Rambow had so many good things in it Unfortunately it ran out steam by the end and took some lazy shortcuts in its characters to get to a happy ending.

 This is your basic story about two boys who are very different but form an unlikely friendship when they bond over a common purpose.  In this case that purpose is a shared love for the Rambo film First Blood, which they use as an inspiration for a home movie, that gradually escalates until almost their entire school gets involved. 

The film has some some funny stuff and some not so funny stuff.  The elaborate amateur stunts they put each other through are amusing in a slapstick kind of way.  The film gets in trouble with its serious turn towards the end when it focuses on the kids family lives.

The filmmakers seem kind of desperate to bring their story to a happy ending with all of the loose ends tied up and the fractured family relationships fixed and resolved.  This tidiness really hurts the film.

A decent film for half of its running time, The Son Of Rambow finally falls apart when the sentimentality kicks in toward the last half of the film.

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