Monday, July 26, 2010

2008 - NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD, documentary on Australian exploitation films.

A pretty decent documentary about Australian exploitation films that were simultaneously being made at the same time as the more "quality" product coming out of Australia was making the rounds at film festivals.  Not Quite Hollywood is a quick history of these films that has a sense of humor about this subject. 

The documentary interviews the actors and filmmakers in front and behind the camera and they seem to have a fondness for their time spent working in this genre.  Quentin Tarantino also shows up running his mouth as usual with his list of favorite Ozpoloitation films.  Say what you want about Tarantino but the guy has seen a lot of films.

I have somewhat of a sneaking suspicion that a lot of the films were probably pretty terrible.  The people making this documentary did have the ability to select film clips that are probably the best scenes from the various genre films.

The section on American actors is pretty interesting, Jamie Lee Curtis ended up in a pretty decent film called Road Games, and Dennis Hopper talks about his very out of control behavior on the set of Mad Dog Morgan, with accompanying films clips to support the stories of his wild behavior.  Hopper seems like a pretty scary guy.  

 The documentary isn't going to have me race out to find the Jaws ripoff about giant wild pigs called Razorback, but it's still pretty fun stuff to watch the various and at time outrageous clips from these junky films.

Besides any film that argues that the pretentious Australian film Picnic At Hanging Rock needed more vomit scenes in it can't be all bad.

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