Sunday, April 25, 2010

1986 - NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, space/zombie/horror/comedy

The things I like:
  • 1980's hair thing going on with the cast.
  • Lack of CGI special effects, everything is mostly mechanical effects
  • Space parasite slugs eating the brains out of college guys turning them into dangerous zombies.
  • 1980's hair thing going on with the cast.
  • B-movie actor Tom Atkins as a suicidal police detective.
  • The flamethrower.
  • Space aliens.
  • Very gratuitous nude shower scene with the female cast.
  • The mowing the zombie with a lawnmower gag.
  • "Chicks in their underwear" as John Candy liked to say.

Night of the Creeps tries to mix humor with horror but sometimes it just doesn't work.  I get that an audience needs a little tension relief during a horror film but this film tends to get a little stupid.  One scene where the girl is breaking up with her zombie boyfriend is pretty lame.

The film will probably never be the cult classic the filmmakers appeared to be hoping for.  However it's a decent time killer.  It's actually pretty tough to make a film mixing horror and comedy and get that mixture just right without it tipping over into the excess of overly campy and outright silly.

A nice try.

88 minutes.

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