Friday, April 30, 2010

1920 - THE LAST OF THE MOHICIANS, another good silent film

The Indians are all played by white guys, there is the usual eye rolling silent acting, and they cut out major parts of the Cooper's book.  But this is still a very good version of The Last Of The Mohicians.

The directors are Maurice Tourneur and Clarence Brown.   Tourneur was the father of Jacques Tourneur and a good early silent film director.  Clarence Brown was a strong studio director and worked for MGM for many years.  These guys were craftsman in the best sense.  Tourneur and Brown took James Fenimore Cooper's boring book and cut it down to a decent little movie that emphasized the action and the love story between the native American and the white woman. 

A lot of the film was filmed on location at Yosemite National Park which gives it an authentic look.  The action scenes and fights are well directed and have some contemporary camera shots.

At 73 minutes this is an excellent well made early silent film with good action, beautiful on location scenery and good storytelling.

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