Saturday, April 3, 2010

1957 - THE LIVING IDOL, thoughtful, intellectual but ridiculous film about human sacrifice and reincarnation

The writer/director Albert Lewin appeared to fancy himself a person with many deep thoughts about deep subjects, like love, reincarnation, death and destiny.   Lewin had worked in the film business long enough to know how to put together a film and even with a silly subject like this he made The Living Idol, entertaining claptrap.

A famous archaeologist, studying reincarnation and human sacrifice in Mexico, begins to believe his adopted daughter is a reincarnated Aztec princess. Apparently the Aztec princess was sacrificed to a jaguar god in a previous life. The archaeologist gets a fascination with a jaguar at the zoo and guess what escapes and goes after the adopted daughter?

It's nice that Albert Lewin got financing to film this picture on location in Mexico, the CinemaScope photography looks great.  His cast is rather strange.   Steve Forrest star of the TV series SWAT is supposedly a writer researching an article in Mexico, he seems to be struggling to understand exactly what the hell is going on in this film. The other odd acting choice is a performer named Liliane Montevecchi who is French/Italian and is naturally cast as a Mexican woman. I had never heard of Liliane Montevecchi but apparently she did a movie with Elvis.


The Living Idol is the kind of film where you get loaded with your school buddies and talk about this intellectual, existentialist B.S. for a couple of hours before everyone gets the munchies and/or passes out.

96 minutes.

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