Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 - INVICTUS is a good TV movie

You better really like rugby if you watch this film because there is a whole lot of it played towards the end.

Invictus is really about Nelson Mandela assuming the presidency of South Africa he inspires the white guy rugby team to win the world championship and unite the people for the greater good of the nation.

Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon get the job done, they do a good job with their South African accents and they are both very sincere.  Clint Eastwood also gets the job done, he sets up his scene, gets his shots moves on to the next scene gets his shots moves on to the next scene gets his shots, etc.  Not exactly exciting film making but it is serviceable.


Invictus is like ordering a hamburger at a restaurant.  A hamburger is a boring thing to order but you know if you order it the restaurant can't really screw it up when they cook it for you.

134 minutes.

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