Monday, December 7, 2009

2009 - THE BLIND SIDE, white woman fantasy about a black football player but not that kind of fantasy.

Affluent rich southern couple living in Atlanta take a big scary black football player into their home.  They help him get a good education while turning him into a star football player.  This is all supposedly based on a "true" story.   The movie is poorly written and directed and photographed like a TV show  Not a good movie but a moderately entertaining one.

"If a large number of people like something it is probably of low quality" to quote the famous musician Sun-Ra.  This is the working definition of that saying.  You get it all in this movie, the Rocky like training sequences, the cute wise beyond his age nine year old boy, high school cheerleaders and Sandra Bullock wearing really tight clothing. 

Sandra Bullock looks great and although she is never going to perform in Medea, she delivers the goods for the audience.  At least Bullock brings a little sincerity to her performance unlike Meryl Streep who has decided to actually stop acting in her movies. 

This is a feel good Lifetime channel Christmas movie, overall pretty stupid and kind of racially insulting.

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