Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 - AVATAR intelligent presentation of a stupid film

James Cameron is about the same age as me, he has some sort of adolescent fantasy about living in a primitive world, screwing a hot chick with a fabulous body and tail to add to the kink factor a little bit and become the mighty warrior who rides dragons. 

James Cameron has also seen a lot of movies, Dances with Wolves, The Hurricane, Run of the Arrow, and Bird of Paradise to name a few.  All of these films feature white people interacting with a simpler native culture that lives in harmony with nature.

James Cameron also knows how to put a film together.  His film is immersive in it's detail and imagination.  It looks good, it sounds good, the action and special effects scenes are up to his usual very high standards.   Everyone has criticized the dialog and plot of this film, but Avatar is like watching Henry the V compared to something like Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith,

James Cameron gets to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to show everyone his adolescent fantasies.

I get to annoy my wife with my adolescent fantasies.

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