Tuesday, November 8, 2016

1990 - DICK TRACY - on Blu Ray

The star/director/producer of Dick Tracy, Warren Beatty goes for the comic book look.  Staying with a minimal amount of primary colors The cinematographer, the legendary Vittorio Storato gives the film a real eye popping look.  This truly a comic book movie in the best sense of that over used term.

Trying to duplicate the legendary comic strip's very oddball villains, a lot of famous and not quite so famous actors are made up in some of the strangest makeup that has every been in a film.  The villains include names like Mumbles, Flattop, Itchy, Pruneface, Spud and Lips.  The look of their makeup corresponds to their names.  It's sometimes a little jarring to see such creatures in what already is a highly stylized film. 

Beatty also cast his current girlfriend Madonna probably for box office appeal.  She sings a few Stephen Sondheim songs and is photographed very carefully to put it mildly.  Beatty probably got as good a performance out of her as any other director could.  Also along for the ride is Al Pacino as the crime boss.  As usual with Pacino, he is completely over the top with his performance.  The makeup job on him only accents his typical hammy acting.

105 minutes.

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