Thursday, April 2, 2015

2012 - TO THE WONDER, Malick is out of ideas

This is an indefensible piece of pseudo artistic claptrap from Terrence Malick who it's starting to appear has seen better days and completely exhausted any ability to tell a story.

The film appears to be a story about a love triangle told almost without any dialog or character development.  Malick's chief interest in this film is to photogrqph scene after scene of pretty young women running through fields of hay with the sun glistening into the camera lens.

Malick has made a few good films but since his return from his extended 10 year break his films have been lacking particularly in story content.  Malick's chief interest seems to be in photographing stuff without even remotely attempting to tie it together.  Malick's best film in the second half of his career was The Thin Red Line, but even that suffered from a meandering story structure.   It's been kind of downhill ever since with indulgent films like The Tree of Life and this so called film.

This kind of fim is what happens when you let a pretentious director run amok with a budget.  Commercial  and particularly artistic failure on a large scale.  No one was going to get their money back on this one.

113 minutes

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