Monday, April 13, 2015

1952 - RETREAT HELL, schizo Korean War film.

This is a rah rah get those commies war film with lots of stock footage of planes dropping bombs.  The characters are right out of the book of soldier war movie cliches. The cowardly soldier who sucks it up, the old hardened vet who has seen it all and the civilian called up from the reserves etc.

However as you watch this film it becomes clear that the director Joseph Lewis is more interested in showing how grim war really is in particular the Korean War fought at times during the freezing winter months.  Hard to sell a lot of "of go get em" propganda when soldiers are freezing to death.

The  cast is a bunch of "B" movie actors with the headliners being Frank Lovejoy, Richard Carlson and Russ Tamblyn.  Tamblyn was usually seen in MGM musicals dancing around or as a dancing street hood in West Side Story.

The film was made with the cooperation of the Marines and was filmed at Camp Pendleton in sunny California with Camp Pendleton standing in for freezing North Korea.  Well that's Hollywood realism for yea.

94 minutes

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