Sunday, April 5, 2015

1965 - THE SLEEPING CAR MURDERS, an early film from Costa Graves

The first film by Costa Gavras is a competently made police procedural thriller.  The film appears to be influenced by American crime thrillers since the vibe of the film is not really European.

There's the put upon Police Inspector, his boss who is interested in advancing his career, the young rookie detective the usual suspects and red herrings found in these mysteries.

The film has a good cast with a couple of stalwarts of French cinema Yves Montand and Signoret in leading roles.

The story kind of plods along with lots of murders and does manage to create some whodunit type suspense. Everything gets wrapped up an exciting car which kind of reminded me of The French Connection's famous car chase.

The film runs about and hour and a half and is a decent and quick time killer.

95 minutes.

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