Sunday, September 28, 2014

1994 - RUNAWAY DAUGHTERS, another Joe Dante exploitation film wallow

Joe Dante remakes an old AIP film and not very well.  This film was part of a Showtime anthology series called Rebel Highway.  Dante loves all those American International Picture films and worked for Roger Corman as an editor for a while so you would think this would be his kind of project.  However his heart doesn't appear to be in it this time.

The story such that it is has something to do with three high school girls on the run.  One of them is pregnant and wants to marry her boyfriend before he joins the navy.  Their parents think they have been kidnapped and all sorts of adventures of the road happen to them.

Dante as usual has loaded the cast up actors he has worked with before but they don't get much to do and frankly their acting is not very good.  Everyone including Dante seems to be going through the motions on this one.

At least it's short like a true "B" movie should be.

 83 minutes.

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