Friday, September 26, 2014

1960 - THE THOUSAND EYES OF DR. MABUSE, Fritz Lang's final film.

Fritz Lang returns to the thriller genre after his Indian adventure films.  Lang brings back the Mabuse character and more importantly the criminal mastermind plots that usually involve Dr. Mabuse.   The Mabuse thrillers were important films for Lang and helped make his reputation as a master of the crime thriller.

This is a good film with some major issues, primarily the extremely low budget his German producer gave him to work with.  The film has a very cheap look to it.  The crummy sets look like crummy sets. The actors look like they could knock them down if they aren't very careful.

However, this is still and interesting and exciting film.  Lang may have been working with a small budget but he's still Lang and he knows how to create an atmosphere of menace.  The film also has an exciting climax with a shootout and car chase.  The James Bond producers borrowed some of the "gags" from this scene for Goldfinger.

The film is a nice end to Lang's career.

103 minutes.

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