Friday, September 26, 2014

1966 - AROUND THE WORLD UNDER THE SEA, a retro TV star reunion from the 1960's.

This cheesy underwater drama is from Ivan Tors the man responsible for such TV classics as Flipper and that film classic Zebra in the Kitchen.  The submarine "Hydronaunt" is on a mission to plant sensors on the ocean floor that will alert scientists to the presence of earthquakes.  But really this film is a 60's TV star gathering.  Let's go to the cast:

Lloyd Bridges - star of one of TV's first syndicated shows Sea Hunt.

Brian Kelly -  star of Flipper he played Ranger Ricks.

Marshall Thompson - star of Daktari.

David McCallum - Ilya Kuryakan from The Man From UNCLE.

Gary Merrill - a character actor from the 1950's.

Keenan Wynn -  who had been kicking around the film business since the mid 30's in just about every MGM film I can think of.

Shirley Eaton -  a good looking 60's blonde who appeared in a number of crappy British comedies.  She was hired because she looked good in a bikini.

OK obviously you would have to be in your late 50's or early 60's to remember these actors but these people were all over the TV screen during the 1960's.  This film is a real nostalgia wallow.

110 minutes.

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