Friday, July 4, 2014


Dubbed Eurospy stuff.  The print I saw was so poorly prepared some scenes slipped into German before they switched back to dubbed English very annoying but kind of funny. 

We're deep in the spy movie craze of the 1960's with this Eurospy trash featuring yet another super villain, prototypes for the Austin Power's "fembots" and the world's greatest private eye "Joe Walker" teaming up with a really ripped police captain to stop another evil mastermind from taking over the world.

The action is silly, our hero only has to kiss an evil woman to make her see the light and there are the usual spy gadgets so all is as it is supposed to be in the 1960's spy world.

Seven films were made featuring this Joe Walker private detective guy and the whole series is based on a bunch of novels by an author named Paul Alfred Mueller who wrote an amazing 620 crime novels featuring this character.

92  minutes.

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