Saturday, May 24, 2014

2014 - GODZILLA - a fun Godzilla film.

Yeah it's kind of a mess of a film.  The script has some big plot holes and doesn't make sense at times.  A very good cast was hired for the film and wasn't really used to it's full potential.  The film is too long.  But, this is a very entertaining reworking of Toho's original Godzilla

If you use the Leonard Maltin "rate o meter"  this is definitely a 2 1/2 star film.  But a 2 1/2 star film can be just as entertaining as a 4 star film.  How many times can someone sit through 12 Years A Slave?

The director Gareth Edwards and the special effects team did a good job on the epic scale action scenes.  Edwards clearly decided to hold off on showing Godzilla until the last half of the film.  This has been somewhat criticized by the Godzilla movie nerds, a select group of individuals that have watched way too many of the Toho films.  But I think Edwards made the right choice, there is only so much suspension of disbelief you can bring to this kind of story. 

Produced by the same studio that tried out another big monster film last year Pacific Rim, for some reason this film worked as a crowd pleaser where that one didn't.

123 minutes

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