Saturday, May 31, 2014

2012 - CLOUD ATLAS, decent attempt at trying something different

At least everyone involved was trying for something different this time.  From the opening of the film where it is announced that no one likes stories that jump back and forth in time the film proceeds to do just that.  You get five interconnected stories and a prologue and epilogue.  The film also has a cast that plays multiple roles throughout the film.

The film is clearly ambitious.  It wants to say something about the inter-connectivity of man throughout time.  Frequently this comes off as a lot of philosophical babble and is somewhat of an ordeal to get through.  But when was the last time a big budget film even attempted to be about something?

Cloud Atlas is extremely well made from a technical standpoint.  When in comes to integrating special effects in a film, The Wachowskis have the drill down.  There was a lot of criticism of the makeup effects used on the actors playing the multiple roles.  But I believe the idea was not to disguise them beyond the point of recognition.

This is an interesting film that for once does not feature a Marvel superhero.

172 minutes.

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