Saturday, May 24, 2014

2012 - DJANGO UNCHAINED, more Tarntino more of the same

Guess I wasn't in the mood for another Tarantino genre mash up.  This time Tarantino mixes spaghetti westerns with blaxploitation films in a tale of a bounty hunting ex-slave searching for his wife somewhere down south before the Civil War. The slave Django hooks up with another bounty hunter a German speaking dentist.  They shoot a lot of guys before the even more  bloody climax at some southern plantation called "Candyland. 

As usual Tarantino has loaded the film up with lots of actors most of them who are past their prime.  These actors starred in the exploitation junk that Tarantino grew up on.  Tarantino also has lots of his hipster dialog and situations that he has channeled from watching LOTS of other films.  Tarantino seems to be making some point that slavery in the old South was bad, like I needed to be told that.


The problem I had with this film was the constant over the top violence.  People just don't get shot they get shot and erupt in geysers of blood.  I mean really?  Although it can be fun listening to good actors delivery his dialog, there were long stretches where some of these dialog scenes seemed unusually indulgent even for him.  I'm starting to wonder if Tarantino has finally hit the wall rehashing genre films.

Django by the way is also a restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa,  They specialize in a sort of French cusine, but I looked at the menu and it looks like a mash up of French food, Italian food and burgers. It's kind of like Django Unchained.

165 minutes

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