Saturday, April 13, 2013

2012 - PROMETHEUS, a reworking of the original Alien

The director Ridley Scott and the writer Damon Lindelof got a lot of crap for this film.  The science fiction film nerds were expecting some sort of epic prequel to Alien.  The end result was a reworking of the various scenes and situations from Alien in what was for the most part just another monster on the loose in the spaceship film.

However it seems to me that Scott and Lindelof succeeded in exactly what they wanted to achieve,  a slick horror film with science fiction elements to it.  Almost every part of  Prometheus has a corresponding scene lifted from Alien.  The robot who gets his head torn off, the Alien face hugging monster, the creepy exploring of the Engineer's spaceship and even the actor Noomi Rapace running around the spaceship in her underwear in a clear tribute to Sigourney Weaver although Rapace is a very tiny woman compared to the Amazonian Weaver.


Prometheus is what it is,  an entertaining rehash of a classic film from a director looking for a popular hit with the audience.  The technical credits and special effects are of a very high caliber and Ridley Scott always knows how to make a film look very good.  The film is very easy to watch. 

This is slick mainstream commercial film making at it's best.  Something that Hollywood is very good at when they get it right.

124 minutes.

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