Sunday, April 21, 2013

2012 -LIFE OF PI, the kid on the lifeboat with the tiger epic.

I am relieved that I did not see Life of Pi in 3D there would have been only some many "tiger jumping out of the bottom of the lifeboat" 3D shots that I could have put up with after a while.  As it is this film really lards on the visual imagery with glowing fish, bright orange sunsets, and hurricane like storms all probably created or enhanced in the computer to overwhelm the already ADD movie going audience.

The Life of Pi appear to be a film that is trying to create a sort of mystical or fantasy like journey where Pi, the main character has a spiritual awakening about God or the Divine Power or "The Force."floating around on the Pacific ocean allows the viewer to be privy to lots of Pi's interior monologues which seem to consist of a lot of cut rate mystical mumbo jumbo.

Why was Tony the Tiger passed over for the part of Richard Parker?

This film was clearly a huge and expensive technical undertaking, all these computer generated animals do not come cheap and probably every scene has some type of visual enhancement to it.  The lead actor was not a trained professional and adding 3D to the mix probably complicated everything.

Life of Pi is OK however I don't think they really pulled this one off.  But, what do I know, this film is extremely successful with the movie going audience who seem to respond to the story, the religious stuff, and the special effects.  To me, Life of Pi is just a rehash of the insipid Jonathan Livingston Seagull although a lot better made.

127 minutes.

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