Tuesday, April 30, 2013

1927 - THE CAT AND THE CANARY, a brillant horror comedy.

Take every old haunted house cliche and mix it with humor.  Hire Paul Leni one of Germany's best expressionist directors and you have a film that is a practically perfect genre piece.

The setup is the deceased relative in a spooky old house bit.  The family members have arrived for the reading of his will and one of them is a murderer who wants all the inheritance.  Even in 1927 this was a bunch of cliches but as they say it's not the story but how you tell the story.


A moving camera, witty title cards and a perfect blend of humor and scares really work here.  In some ways the fact that this is a silent film adds to the fun. The anachronisms that are silent films these days indirectly contributes to the stylish mood of this film. 

The Cat and the Canary is a lot of fun.

82 minutes.

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